MOTO2MOTO API Javadoc v3.12.0

Motorola M2M API.


com.motorola.oem OEM Package - Gathers all OEM(Original Equipment Manufacturer) packages.
com.motorola.oem.access Access package - query and perform simple SIM card related operations as well to get SIM status indications. Call Package - Dial, answer and control simple voice or data(CSD) calls.
com.motorola.oem.hapi HW API package - Controls GPIO and A2D HW lines.
com.motorola.oem.i2c I2C (Inter Integrated Circuit) API.
com.motorola.oem.ipd IPD - IP Director. Network package - Perform operations and get indications related to the GSM Network (registration status, Network clock and more).
com.motorola.oem.osc OSC - OEM System Control Package Set and get the device system's properties, system's indications (battery, temperature, and antenna), power related operations (power save, shutdown, Alarm and more), MIDlet SW watchdog and system's date & time, FPGA Configuration (Display).
com.motorola.oem.websession Configure air link parameters associated/needed with an internet or MMS session; Trigger and perform OTA download of a new MIDlet.


Motorola M2M API.
This Machine to Machine API package - by Motorola Wireless Modules - is suitable for a GSM/GPRS/EDGE cellular device.

Always refer to the device user guide for device related specifications and for more information.

Motorola Wireless Modules specific information:
Javadoc version - 3.12.0
Matching SW release - G24_G_0C.11.B2R_A