Installing Tomcat is somewhat more difficult. On the other hand, it also come with a MSI, and when finished, You can to do some test.

First:      typing localhost:8080, in Your Browser, should give You a "Welcome to Tomcat".
Second: typing your_ip:8080, in Your Browser, should also give You a "Welcome to Tomcat".

But in order to use Apache in front of Tomcat, You have to do some typing.

By default, Tomcat create some files in "Tomcat/conf". These are:

catalina.POLICY catalina.PROPERTIES context.XML logging.PROPERTIES server.XML tomcat-users.XML web.XML

Aditional, You also has to create these files using a simple text editor:

In adition You need some files in the binary directory. You can find some of them here if they are not present by default.

Next step is to do some testing . You will probadly find several example on the internet.